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Who are We?

VIAJES Y CULTURA SA  has been operating since 1982, has the title Cicma157Is a corporation being members of the task force or advisory.  It belongs to a group that integrates a consulting and marketing ADVICER  CONSULTORES  Conference, Incentives and Conventions.  Has developed its activity in the field of tourism in the area of ​​the great voyages having operated the  wholesalers  programs  REFLEJOS DEL MUNDO and  CONTRASTES.

 It currently has the following departments:

•  Medical Congresses.

Customized Travel around the world.

Incentive trips and special.


VIAJES Y CULTURA  base its activity on the following premises:

• Direct and extensive knowledge of destinations and ideas.

 • Exclusive design activities.

• Selection of correspondents and collaborators around the world. In many cases is maintained in close relationship with them.

• Adaptation of the design of activities and travel budgets, incentives to achieve goals, idiosyncrasies of the participants.

• Participated in close collaboration with the client company in the preparation (campaigns, launch and promotion programs, etc.). Of the campaign, develop it, making the journey and subsequent actions.

• Using the latest techniques to achieve the maximum incentive, flexibility, adaptation to the interests of partial groups, improvisation, participation, evaluation of results, etc..


1.  Deep knowledge and updating.

2.  Destinations and original ideas.

3.  Relationships with operators worldwide.

4.  Reliability and defend the interests of the client.    

So do not hesitate, VIAJES Y CULTURA  is your Agency !