Indochina Express

Why a combination of all this country in our INDOCHINA EXPRESS?  

Fist Day / Spain/Bangkok. Flight to Bangkok, night on board.

Second Day / Bangkok/Sukhothai. Connection with the flight to Sukhothai, old capital of the kingdom thai, whose ruins are vestige of a glorious past. Overnight.

Third Day / Sukhothai/Chieng Mai. Flight to the Per it of the North, with its beautiful temples, its ethnographic wealth and the gold triangle of the opium. Overnight.

Fourth Day / Chieng Mai/Luang Prabang. Flight to the cultural and historical capital of Laos. We will discover its declining enchantment and the originality of its monuments. Overnight.

Fiveth Day / Luang Prabang/Siem Reap. To noon flight to Siem Reap. In the evening it visits of the temple of Angkor, one of the most surprising wonders of our world. Captive globe ascent to see Angkor from the air and spectacular sun putting from the hill of Phnom Bakheng. Return to the hotel and overnight.

Sixth Day / Siem Reap. Today we will complete our visit discovering the city of Angkor Tom and its mysterious temple of Bayon, with the monumental faces of Avalokiteswara. It visits of the Terraces, the Real Palace and Temples. Continuation to the impressive temple of Ta Prohm, prisoner dramatically by the forest. In the evening we will have a contact with the Cambodian field and will visit another one of jewels to khmer, the Temple of Banteay Srei. Return to the hotel and overnight.

Seventh Day / Siem Reap/ Ho Chi Minh. Flight to the old Saigón, cosmopolitan and cheers. Visit of the city and its environs with a contact with the memories of the war in the visit to tuneles of Cu Chi. Overnight.

Eigth Day / Ho Chi Minh/ Delta del Mekong/ Yangon. Excursion To the colorful Delta of the Mekong with a route in boat. Return to Ho Chi Minh and transfer to the airport to fly to Bangkok. Connection with the flight to Yangon. Arrival, transfer to the hotel and overnight.

Nineth Day / Yangon/Bagan. Visit of the city, its markets and the surprising Pagoda de Shwedagon, with its gold adornments forming a world in itself. Flight to Bagan. Overnight.

Tenth Day / Bagan. Complete day dedicated to one of the more beautiful monumental sets of the world. Thousand of temples scattered by the plains that surround the Ayeyarwady river. Overnight.

Eleven Day / Bagan/ Yangon/ Bangkok/ Spain. Flight to Yangon and connection towards Bangkok. Day from visit to the "city of the angels", its temples and the Real Palace. Return at night to the airport for the flight to Spain. Night on board.

Twelve Day / Spain. Arrival in the morning and aim of our services.