The roof of the world, full of reminiscences of a past flourishing. The famous Potala and the most ancient traditions of Mahayana Buddhism. Also the most amazing landscapes and high mountains of the Himalayas.

The most original tours of the hands of real experts: a combination of culture, art, history, nature and wildlife with the more original and attractive.More than 35 years preparing trips to India.
The flavour of ancient cultures and beauty of ancient ruins along with a unique nature.

Sumatra with its jungles, Borneo, Java Borobudur with the wonder and beauty of Bromo volcano, Papua Guinea, a lap down in the history of man.

In addition to its tourist topics as Bangkok and Pukhet, we offer the wonderful north with their tribes and jungles, the archaeological sites of Sukothai and Ayuthaia and regions to be discovered on the borders of Cambodia and Laos.

A small country with a glorious past. The archaeological site of Angkor is one of the most fascinating and mysterious powerful exponents of past cultures.

Besides the Mekong River and the remote border areas with Thailand.


Another of the small countries of dramatic and glorious past and promising future.
Vientiane, the capital and Luan Prabang, the ancient imperial city. Two of the landmarks to discover.

A country rooted in its glorious past. The spectacular beauty of the temples of Bagan, one of the most comprehensive architectural world. Mandalay and its brilliant past as capital of the kingdom of Myanmar, the quiet and beautiful Inle Lake and the surrounding area as attractive as the Buddha of Pindaya caves and all the thousands of pagodas Kancu. Besides the capital Yangon with its exotic markets and secular Swedhagon impressive pagoda, with its tons of gold and spectacular treasure of precious stones, fruit, gifts and achievements.

A country that looks to the future force. Ho Chi Minh, the former Saigon, cosmopolitan and bustling, dramatic memories of the war, the Mekong Delta, the beautiful beaches of Da Nang and Hue imperial city, the northern capital, Hanoi, the beautiful Halong Bay. A spectacular array of attractions and the most charming people.

The exoticism and history on a tour full of interest and authenticity legendary names like Samarkand, Bujhara, Khiva. Vestiges of a glorious past.